Dear Investor

Thank you for choosing Alistithmar Capital as your investment partner.  We look forward to achieve the highest added value to your investments.

For your convenience, we have made it simple now to setup your investment account by filling an online form and follow the following steps:

1. In order to open an Investment Account, you must have a bank account with SAIB Bank. If you don’t have a bank account, please click here to open a new one or visit the nearest SAIB branch.

2. Complete the online application to setup your new Investment Account for Local Market by clicking here

3. Complete the online application to setup your new Investment Account for International Market by clicking here. Please note that you are required to open Investment Account for Local Market before the International Market.

4. Once finished with the application, you will be prompted that we have received your application, and we will send you sms message notifying you that your request has been executed.

Dear Investor

For your convenience,  you can  access your account, view reports, update your information, submit transactions, and transfer money from your investment account to your bank account through the following channels:

  1. ICAP’s online platform “Istithmarcom”: To register on our online platform (Istithmarcom), please  visit and follow the steps in the registration page: please click here
  1. ICAP’s Telephone Service: To register on our telephone services, please call (800) 124-8282 and follow the steps
  1. To utilize our smart phone and tablet apps, please visit Apple or Android stores and search for “Alistithmar Capital” app.

If you prefer to manage your portfolio, we recommend you to get familiar with the rules and regulations of the Capital Market Authority (CMA)

If you need help to diversify your investments and take advantage of our expertise and outstanding performance,  please contact us at:

Telephone:        (800) 124-8282


Thank you for joining Alistithmar Capital (ICAP) and we look forward to serving you in the new future.

What is the Investment Account?

A personal cash account, separate from your bank account.  Its main purpose is to hold cash that’s being used for investments.  When you buy a stock or subscribe into a fund, the money will be debited from the investment account, and if you sell a stock the cash will be credited to this account.

You can always transfer money from your bank account into your investment account through your bank branch or online banking.  Also, you can transfer cash from your investment account to your bank account through ICAP online platform “Istithmarcom”, ICAP smart phone app, or by calling ICAP toll free: 800-124-8282

What are the requirements to open an Investment Account?

For Individual customers:

  1. Fill our online Investment Account Form by click here ….

For Institutions :

Please contact us: 800-124-8282 for details

How long does it take to setup an Investment Account?

Once all required documents reach ICAP’s office, your Investment Account will be setup immediately.

Are there any fees to setup an Investment Account?

No. There are no fees to setup an Investment Account.

How can I transfer money to my Investment Account?

SAIB Bank offers multiple channels to transfer money to your Investment Account.  The most convenient channel is through online banking.

For more information, you can always call SAIB (The Saudi investment) Bank phone: 800-124-8282.

How can I update my Account information?

You can complete this task by:

  • Filling our KYC Update Form that is available at all SAIB branches.
  • Through “Istithmarcom”, out online platform.

What is “Istithmarcom”?

It is an online platform to give your full access and control over your investments in stocks and mutual funds.

  • Trade in local and global stock markets
  • View your stock portfolio holdings
  • Subscribe and redeem units into/from our funds
  • View holding reports in our mutual funds

All this and more at anywhere and through your mobile or your desktop.

What are the benefits of using Istithmarcom?

  • Convenience access through our website ( or smart app
  • Enhance your investment decisions with accurate price feeds
  • High speed execution of different types of transactions
  • Ability to transfer cash to your bank account

Simply, everything you need to manage your investments is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere for Free.

How to access Istithmarcom?

Once your Investment Account is open, you can register by clicking here..

How secure is Istithmarcom service?

Security is one of the main requirements applied, measured, and always tested to be licensed by Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA).

ICAP enjoys large market share among all local stock brokerage firms and that requires extra level of security measures to be in place.  Our security measures include prevention from unauthorized access as well as the confidentiality and privacy of our clients and transactions.

 For more information, refer to the privacy policy through this link.

What to do if I have a problem logging into Istithmarcom services?

  1. You can contact us via email:
  2. You can call us via toll-free No: 800-124-8282
  3. Visit our head office or any of our centers.  Please click on Contact Us to see a map to our locations.

Are there any fees to use Istithmarcom?

Generally, using Istithmarcom for common functions (such as trading, transferring cash, viewing holding reports, etc.) is free of charge.

However, ICAP offers value added services (such as live price feed, market depth, or TWS platform) that are fee based.

What are the requirements for subscription to one of the investment funds?

  1. Current Account with the Saudi Investment Bank (SAIB)
  2. Active Investment Account
  3. Sign Terms and Conditions of the fund and other related documents

How do I subscribe to one of the investment funds ?

You can subscribe into ICAP funds through different channels:
  1. Through Istithmarcom
  2. Any of SAIB branches
  3. ICAP head office or any of its centers

What are the business hours to trade in local and international markets ?

Trading business hours are as follow

Official holidays :

The official holidays in Saudi are:
  • Saudi National Day: 23 September
  • Eid Al-Fitter Holiday
  • Eid Al-Adha Holiday