The Brokerage & Margin Lending Group aims to provide clients with an unrivaled trading experience in local and international markets. We provide multiple user-friendly trading channels that are tailored to the most demanding clients’ needs.

We have implemented a state of the art trading system that allows our customers to trade in local, regional and on international exchanges with live-feed prices. Our experienced team of brokers is also available to provide you with the highest level of assistance.

To complement our investors trading experience we also provide high quality research and advisory services. These independent and objective analyses help our investors take better informed investment decisions.

Trading Fees/Commissions in the Financial Markets (PDF File)
Discount will be applied as per client segment.

Local Brokerage

Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) is the largest and most liquid stock market in the Arab world. It is one of the most transparent markets in the region with high level of disclosure requirements for the listed stocks.

Our clients can trade on stocks listed on Tadawul using one of the many trading channels. Live-Price Feeds covering global markets help our valued clients track the latest stock prices, market developments and execute orders.

Nomu – Parallel Market :

Nomu – Parallel Market is an alternative trading platform with lighter listing requirements compared to the Main Market, requiring a market value of at least 10 million SAR, at least 50 public shareholders, and an offering percentage of at least 20% or floating SAR 30 million worth of shares in the market, whichever is less.

Tadawul has announced that direct trading in Nomu – Parallel Market is allowed for “Qualified Investors”, which includes among others

All individuals who fulfills any of the following criteria:

  • Has conducted transactions in capital markets of not less than SAR 40 million in total, and not less than ten transactions in each quarter during the last twelve months.; or
  • Holds net assets of not less than SAR 5 million; or
  • Works or has worked for at least three years in the financial sector.
  • Holds the General Securities Qualification Certificate “CME-1”, which is recognized by the CMA.
  • Holds a professional certificate that is related to dealing with securities and accredited by an internationally recognized entity.

For more information about General Securities Qualification Examination (CME-1), please click here

For More information about Nomu – Parallel Market and “Qualified Investor” please click here

On the other hand, individuals are allowed to indirectly trade in Nomu-Parallel Market through investment funds or portfolios managed by Capital Market Institution by the CMA.

If you are qualified to invest in the Parallel Market (Nomu), please sign the Risk Acknowledgment Letter (click here) and return it along with supporting documents and a copy of your ID to the nearest SAIB branch or email it to:

International Brokerage

Alistithmar Capital International Brokerage Service allows you to trade in the international markets at a competitive rate.

Having professional brokerage experience, of more than 20 years, in international markets assures that your trades are executed promptly and accurately with complete confidentiality.

Alistithmar Capital covers the following International Markets:

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Kuwait
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • USA

With professional brokerage experience of more than twenty years in the international markets we make sure that your trades are executed promptly and accurately with complete confidentiality.

By offering multiple trading channels allowing our customers to choose the most convenient way to trade depending on their needs such as:


For our clients who prefer to trade from the comfort of their office or home we have implemented a state of the art, user friendly Online Trading Platform (Istithmarcom). They can execute buy / sell trade orders in live environment at the click of a button. We are one of the very few investment companies that provide our investors with Free Live Price Feed.

Phone Trading:

For our clients with high trading volumes we provide dedicated brokers at just a call away. By the use of landline or mobile phones to place buy / sell orders through our expert and friendly brokers. Our team of experienced brokers will execute orders swiftly and accurately over the Phone.

Smart Phone Applications:

An application that you can download on your smart Phone and trade anywhere, and enjoy live price feeds. This application is available on:
Android devices
Black Berry

Trader Workstation (TWS):

Information, Speed, and Accuracy are the definition of our patented software, the TWS.Designed for our high-volume traders to give them an extra edge to capture opportunities before others.  If you are qualified for high-speed trading, click here to download the software to be installed on your PC or laptop.

Margin facilities offer our clients higher purchasing power to maximize their returns. You may achieve your financial goals faster with a margin facility and take advantage of these benefits:

  • Increasing your earnings potential: A larger investment means you could achieve greater gains should your portfolio rise.
  • Diversify your investments: With access to more capital, you have a wider range of investment choices, giving you a better chance of finding the best-performing stocks.

Margin Credit/Over draft :

Overdraft is a margin facility product that grants the client to overdrawn the investment account balance for purchasing shares by funding the customer’s portfolio with an agreed predefined buying power.

The portfolio should be maintained at the required coverage on the granted margin. Commission of this type of facility is charged on a monthly basis where the overdrawn principal amount is only required to be fully repaid in case of expired agreement and not been renewed.

The Overdraft facility is applicable for portfolio that trades in Saudi, US, and Emirates markets.

Required coverage to be maintained on Saudi market is 200%.
Required coverage to be maintained on the US market is 200%.
Required coverage to be maintained on Emirates markets is 300%.

Overdraft Commission is charged and required to be received on last day of every Gregorian month.

Murabahah Financing :

Murabahah is a type of sale that is not an interest-bearing loan, which is a Sharia Compliant, where ICAP buys a securities with free and clear title to it and expressly mentions the cost that ICAP has incurred on the securities for sale and resells it to the client as per his/ her prior instructions by adding some profit or mark-up.

Murabaha should be repaid on maturity which is six month of the Murabaha execution date and it includes the loan plus the commission “agreed upon profit” as a lump sum payment.

  • Murabaha facility is only applicable on portfolio that trades in Saudi market only.
  • There are pre-defined criteria for assessing limits.
  • Competitive rates are offered.
  • The customer can utilize approved loan partially or completely.
  • Coverage should maintained at a minimum of 200%.

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