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With a dedicated team of proactive and skilled professionals, specializing in primary and secondary markets of both debt and equity and other related advisory services, ICAP provides its clients a wide-range of tailor-made corporate finance solutions meeting specific customer requirements.

ICAP also offers its esteemed clientele a unique value proposition of a Full Service Investment Bank complimenting to the group resources.

ICAP has extensive experience in working with a wide variety of clients, including leading conglomerates, corporates, institutions, family offices, investment firms and high-net worth individuals. The Team comprises of seasoned investment bankers with a mix of local, regional and international experience with an exposure to diverse range of industries and an extensive track record in capital markets as well as in private domain.

With an intensely – client driven approach, the dedicated Team would assist their clients through all stages of financing and advisory needs, while work closely with its clients to create bespoke solutions which are both innovative and effective. This wide spectrum of activities includes originating the transaction, preparatory work, management and coordinating and finally ensuring optimum market penetration in terms of marketing and distribution. The team’s strategy is to stay keenly engaged throughout all stages of each transaction, from initial structuring to final execution while maintaining the quality aspect.

All transactions and clients receive careful attention and commitment of the senior management from the highest levels of ICAP.

ICAP is well positioned with a strong network throughout Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region with leading conglomerates, corporates, institutions, family offices, investment firms and high-net worth individuals.

Among the wide array of products and services offered, the team works with a specific focus on managing following products and services;

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and  Underwriting of issuances
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sukuk and Bond issuances






Rights Issues

Private Placements

Debt Financing


Why choose ICAP Corporate Finance as financial advisor?

ICAP Corporate Finance provides clients comprehensive financial and strategic advice which makes Alistithmar Capital a One-Stop-Shop for corporations and investors. Our team will work closely with you to create tailored solutions both innovative and effective. We will assist you through all stages of your financing and advisory needs, tapping the resources of a full service investment bank.

What are the services that ICAP Corporate Finance provides?

ICAP‘s professional Corporate Finance team has institutional knowledge and extensive experience in advising Saudi companies on Corporate Finance services. These services include initial public offerings (“IPO”), rights issues, corporate restructuring & divesture, capital structuring, mergers & acquisitions (“M&A”), private placements, debt capital markets, and underwriting. The team obtains a strong understanding of the market and other regularly requirements critical for ensuring timely and quality submissions.

How do you see ICAP Corporate Finance business outlook for 2017 during this economic slowdown?

Our team is working on a number of mandates forming a diversified portfolio of transactions. We started 2016 with a different mindset that helped us shape our strategy. We combined the resources from Saudi investment Bank and the creative business approach of boutique investment banks. We were able to flip the economic situation to our advantage.

What is the Parallel Market, how to list in it, and what is ICAP’s participation in it?

The idea of initiating the Parallel Market is a result of one of the key goals of “Vision 2030” which is to stabilize national economy and investment and strengthen the small and medium enterprises and increase their contribution to the Saudi gross domestic product (“GDP”).

This market will serve as an alternative platform for companies that wish to list their shares publicly. The Parallel Market will be a market with lighter financial and admission requirements as compared to the Main Market. It can also be seen as a first step before shifting to the Main Market.

A company that wishes to list in the Parallel Market can start by contact the Capital Market Authority (“CMA”) and Tadawul and show its intention to list. The next step would be to involve a financial advisor for the transaction. ICAP aims to become a major player in the Saudi Parallel Market. We are already advising a few clients to list their shares in this market.

IPOs & Underwritings

ICAP provides comprehensive advisory and placement services to privately held companies looking for growth capital, prestige, market presence, improved corporate governance practices or any other envisaged objective through an IPO.

An IPO is one of the key milestones of a corporate life cycle with a transformation of their corporate culture from being privately held to public presence. The team at ICAP with hands-on experience of handling many previous transactions, aims to work closely with the owners and the management of potential issuers to make sure that they are IPO-ready with the optimal transaction structures and corporate governance best practices aligned with regulatory guidelines.

ICAP is in a superior position to provide the full range of IPO related services to issuers encompassing advisory, valuation, underwriting and distribution. The team would also have the ability to provide Receiving Bank and Flotation Management Services as per specific customer requirements.

Some of the key activities in the IPO process the Team is capable of delivering include;

  • Conducting preliminary discussions with the promoters and the management to understand the desired objectives of the transaction
  • Evaluating and advising on the IPO readiness of the entity
  • Evaluating and advising on the offering in terms of pricing, timing and structure
  • Setting up the required parties to the offering
  • Drafting of the prospectus
  • Providing underwriting services
  • Reviewing all related legal documents
  • Liaising with the regulatory bodies and obtaining regulatory approvals
  • Leading the distribution process and managing co-managers
  • Organizing/conducting road-shows
  • Management of transactions to ensure the successful financial closure

The hands-on experience of the team will provide a holistic financial solution to the business, the promoters and its management, ensuring that they meet the objectives of the IPO exercise and successful deliverables while maximizing the benefits and financial gain of going public.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Advising on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions stirring up in both private as well public arenas, is a key focus area of ICAP as this is envisaged as a high potential line of business in the Kingdom as well as in the Middle East region.

The highly proficient and experienced team of ICAP with a track record in both local and international domain is geared up to engage with potential clients for advising on achieving their objectives through mergers and acquisitions and divestitures. The Team also has in-depth knowledge in specific sectors which adds value to its clientele in objectively evaluating their planned transactions.

ICAP is capable of advising and assisting the clients with all types of Mergers and Acquisitions, including;

  • Acquisitions of minority or majority stakes in companies (Buy Side Advisory)
  • Divestitures of minority or majority stakes in companies (Sell Side Advisory)
  • Mergers

The Team is well positioned to provide top-notch advice through the entire transaction process, in seeing them through to closure, offering following services;

  • Conducting preliminary discussions with the management to understand the desired objectives of the transaction
  • Evaluating the potential acquisition or divestiture targets
  • Conducting valuations and preliminary studies
  • Formulating strategies and plans for the transaction
  • Preparation of appropriate sales material
  • Assist the clients in finding potential matches
  • Coordinating the required due diligence
  • Advising on the pricing, structure, timing and assisting in negotiations
  • Preparing transaction documents, valuation and pricing reports
  • Assisting in obtaining regulatory approvals
  • Reviewing the related legal documentation
  • Formulating execution plan
  • Advising on implementation of plans
  • Management of transactions to ensure the successful financial closure

Furthermore, the team can assist clients with an analysis of strategic alternatives and arranging financing for a transaction both in terms of debt and equity (Acquisition Financing).

Sukuk & Bonds

Debt is considered as an alternative source of capital, other than the traditional equity financing for entities who seek diversified financing options.

ICAP provides a comprehensive advisory, arrangement and placement service in debt capital raising mainly in the issuance of;

  • Conventional Bonds and
  • Sukuks (Islamic Bonds)

Some of the key activities in debt issuance that the Team is capable of delivering include:

  • Conducting preliminary discussions with the management to understand the desired objectives of the transaction
  • Evaluating the business plans of the issuer
  • Assessing the optimal capital structure based on clients’ need
  • Structuring and pricing of the issue after studying the market appetite
  • Financial modeling
  • Credit assessment including debt servicing capability of the issue
  • Collaboration with authorities to obtain regulatory approvals
  • Preparing offering documents/appropriate sales material
  • Approaching potential investors
  • Negotiations of terms
  • Review of related legal documentation
  • Management of transactions to ensure the successful financial closure

 Capitalizing on its experience, the highly experienced and innovative team at ICAP is capable of structuring various credit enhancements in order to meet the requirements of clients while achieving market acceptability.

Some of the structured products on the offering may have following features depending on the requirement of the client:

  • Subordinated Debt
  • Perpetual Debt
  • True Securitizations
  • Hybrid Securitizations
  • Non-amortizing Debt

Over the years, ICAP has built credibility with consultancy bodies to ensure smooth processing of the transaction while complying with the prevailing standards and regulations.

Further, to make the issuance accepted widely by the local and regional market while ensuring the liquidity in the secondary market, ICAP is capable of arranging these products complying with Shari’a standards.

With regard to distribution and placements, ICAP has access to a large network of investors including leading conglomerates, corporations, institutions, family offices, investment firms and high-net worth individuals.

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